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Before looking at the stock watch list

Before looking at the stock watch list, go through some important rules. This watch list is my own holding that I share with everyone, that it can help. But I do not recommend this stock to anyone.
There are two types of strategy in this watch list, long term, and short term.

Short term strategy: -

I sell stocks of this category at a profit of between 10% or 20%. Time for this category, if there is a profit of 10% during a day or two, then I sell the stock. If it is not profitable, then I give six months' time and if the stock is good, then I try to average every 10% correction.

Long Term Strategy: -

I have kept this category of stock on hold for a long time, which can be from one year to ten years. But if a stock has given a profit of 60% in 1 or 2 years, then I try to sell it or continue with a 5%  stop-loss. If lost, I can even wait 5 or 10 years if the stock is good.
Note: - Whenever I sell or buy or average the stock, I share it on this watch list

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This portfolio is related only my investment, there is no advice for buying stocks,
according to this portfolio please do not buy the stock, if you are losing the investment,
the website will not be responsible for it,
Consult the appropriate stock market advisor before investing in the stock market, 
Stock market investment is subject to market risk


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