Reasons to fall stock market: After Budget

Reasons to fall stock market: After Budget
Nifty Fall 6.1% in july month 

Reasons to fall stock market: 5th July After Budget

  • Share Market July worst month.
  • The Figures show that in July 2019.
  • The Nifty has rolled 6.1%  percent 11842 to 11122.
  • While the Sensex dropped 5.4 percent just one month.

Fii July data

Why these circumstances. 

Long-term capital gains (LTCG):
  • Budget impacted long-term capital gains tax has been increased for foreign portfolio investors (FPIs),So in july,there was a huge sell-out by Fii -16870.13 crore.

  • At the same time the government also rejected the demand for exemption in it.

  • The loss of auto sector is also responsible,the auto sector's share in the month of July, under the leadership of Maruti Suzuki, got tarnished. 

Loss due to foreign reason: 
  •    Due to the fear of US job data.
  •    US China trade war this month, the market condition worsened.

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