GAIL India Ltd Stock Price : Know Before Hold Stock 2019 .

GAIL India Ltd  Stock Price

GAIL India Ltd Stock valuation at this time

  1. Market Cap Rs 63,412.59 Cr which is a large-cap company, this is great from an investor perspective.
  2. Price-Earning Ratio(PE) 10.47 Which is good and cheap from an investor's point of view.
  3. Price to book value is 1.33, the actual stock price is 140, the current GAIL India stock price is below the book value. this means it is getting cheaper price.
  4. GAIL India keeps increasing its reserves every year.
  • Mar 2019 - 41,837.87Cr
  • Mar 2018 - 38,073.05Cr
  • Mar 2017 - 36,458.07Cr
  • Mar 2016 - 29,316.39Cr
  • Mar 2015- 27,851.04Cr
  1. Another plus point for investors is this company has a debt only 870Cr Debt to Equity Ratio0.05.
  2. Year on Year sales growth is amazing, Mar 2019 76234.31 Cr Vs Mar 2018 54694.31 Cr, 39.4% lead. In view of the increasing domestic consumption in the country YoY, the sales volume of GAIL India Ltd is likely to be a boost in the future.
GAIL India Ltd can be a good option for a long investment at this valuation.

About GAIL India Ltd

GAIL India has always strived to provide value beyond trade in the economic, environmental and social aspects. Since inception in 1984, GAIL India Ltd has created value through its business by making significant contributions to India's gas infrastructure and posting a significant business growth on the year.

GAIL India Ltd started with equity of INR 8,450 million which has increased by INR 590,000 million times in the last 27 years.

CMD Of GAIL India Ltd Said.

"With our efforts in ensuring sound value creation through our business, we focus our efforts on creating value beyond business through our interventions in various aspects of our triple-bottom-line, whether our operations Are improving efficiency, or developing communities with us. Or trying to save the environment."

Our first sustainability report, Bey Value Beyond Business', is an effort in our activities, a value of effort and efforts to impact sustainability in our business that benefits businesses as well as every sector.

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