Best Intraday Trading Strategy : Stock option Trading Or Index Option Trading.

Stock option Trading  Or Index Option Trading.
Stock option Trading Or Index Options Trading.

We know very well that intraday trading is the riskiest in the stock market. Knowing this, we do not leave intraday trading.

Why we do intraday trading? There is a big reason for this.

In intraday trading, low-capital investors are the biggest crop. Because a retail investor does not have much money to trade or to buy stocks in bulk. But if we trade with MIS Order (margin intraday square off), then we get 4 to 6 times leverage (loan) to buy shares on behalf of the broker. That is, in intraday trading, we can buy shares up to 50000 rupees even with only 10000 thousand rupees. We sometimes earn a lot of money in a few minutes from the money given by the broker. This addiction keeps us in intraday trading. And there is a loss of millions upon seeing.

The biggest problem in intraday trading is leverage (loan).

The biggest problem for a less capital investor is leverage. Due to taking leverage, we get absorbed in the time limit of 1 day. In this situation, we have to leave before the profit or loss market closes.

Benefits of without leverage in intraday trading.

If we do intraday trading without taking leverage, then we can wait for the next day or even one month till the loss is made until we get profit. But the problem here is that we can only take limited shares with limited capital and the profit will also be limited.

My way is different in intraday trading.

In view of the problem of a low-capital investor, I am going to tell you something different method. With which you will be able to take up to 2 lakh shares in only 5 or 6 thousand and you will have time to make a profit and will not have to take leverage. What I am telling you, I have experienced in my journey of Intraday trading. I would be very happy if you try to understand these things.

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intraday trading in stock options or index options.

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  • You get up to 3 months in stock options.
  • Index option gives you up to 4 years.
  • If you have a big advantage in Options trading, then you can also Exit within a day.
  • Loss in Options is limited and profit is unlimited.
  • Stock Options, you can also use hedging to avoid Loss.
  • Stock Options, you can buy a very large quantity of stocks with limited capital.
Example - Suppose one share of SBIN is priced at Rs. 262 and sbin has 3000 shares in 1 lot size. If you buy shares in cash, then you have to Cash 262X3000 = 786,000 rupees, which is a huge amount. But if you take 1 lot of SBIN in options, then it is easily available from only 6 thousand rupees to 12 thousand rupees. The price of options depends on time Decay.

Important Points to consider in Stock Options.

If you create a position in Stock Options, then it is important to exit 2 days or 3 days before the expiry of Stock Options. If you do not do this, you will have to roll-over your position or take physical delivery. Try to exit two days before the expiry.

My Opinion in Options Trading.

if Options Trading is done with the right strategy, then it can prove to be a good tool for earning the month's earnings.

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Trading Caution:-Any Trading With Real Money In The Stock Market Is Very Risky. Before Applying Any Strategy, Try Virtual Trading.


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