Intraday Trading- How To Loss Recover In Trading

Intraday Trading- How To Loss Recover In Trading
How To Loss Recover In Trading 

Most people think that losses incurred in intraday trading cannot be recovered.

Don't think so at all.

Today we will tell you how to recover the loss in intraday.

Some important thing to note

First of all, we have to understand this.

What age of people those who lose the most money in trading?

Ans is 20 to 30-year-olds make the biggest loss in the trading.

Why, what is the reason for the losses?

  • Lack of patience

  • Lack of discipline

  • Rashness

  • And the feeling of revenge

These things always trap you.

People above the age of 35 are more successful in trading.

Because they have patience as well as discipline and also have household responsibilities.

How do I recover losses?

When I lose money from options trading or intraday trading, cause of strategy failure for a particular time.

I immediately stop interday trading and options trading.

Focus only on holdings and swing trading.

When and why the strategy fails.

It is important to understand

As you know, there are three phases in the market

  • Accumulation

  • Participation

  • Distribution

Of these, the phase of distribution and accumulation is very dangerous for an option trader.

Because all your premiums will be melt here.

In common language, we speak this market on the sideway.

So wait for the right time in trading.

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  1. Subhash Sir,
    I daily follow you Option Trading strategy updates, it will be great if you can make one vlog for three phases in the market and how it impacts the Option Trader with some examples.




    Thank you for inspiring us.


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